Senin, 19 April 2010

a message for honey (read huny)

I was settled at that moment, I have forget all things that made Titanic sunk in the middle of frost ocean.. Having a very good life, brighter than yesterday, I was really enjoy it..
Never expected those "sins" return to my own path, the path that I have build from the pieces of my heart that have been crushed TWICE by the same monster..
I keep telling myself to reject anything related to that monster,I open my heart register, and delete it from the recent call, recent flattery and recent everything about that poisoned honey (read huny) lists..
But man are man, Adam was derived from heaven due to his love, Eve.. me either, as receiving my mother short message telling me that poisoned honey (read huny) has been extracted to it's natural character as anti-toxin.. I move forward to take some, healing my deep sore, and voila it's done.. even though my heart again telling me "once a monster, always a monster.."
I went down to my path, taking it beside, it was heavy, try to rearrange it for my better future.. I introduce her beloved father and show him my own path, and telling him that I'm going to take his honey (read huny) with me.. luckily agreed.. what a day! everything seemed to be perfect..
Never feel sad, never feel bad just enjoying those moments, bit by bit my heart register seemed to be error.. a conflict between my heart and what I see always gone for my visibility.. I forget the monster, I didn't feel the poison, which infected me and transformed myself to be a - dull heartless for God sake- lover..