Kamis, 24 Juni 2010

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Imitation is limitation. People who imitate carry only images of the end products of success in their minds. They see the end but not the beginning.
A business lacking a clearly defined statement of purpose is doomed to fail. If you have failed to consciously define a philosophy of success you have unconsciously defined a philosophy of failure.
If your life is not guided by philosophy, it will be guided by fantasy.
Well defined success philosophies will lead to a greater success in reality, whereas fantasies of success will lead only to greater illusions.
It?s up to you to choose, decide and then succeed
Turning the Dream into Reality
If your definition of success is based on clear self knowledge, your commitment will be in your heart, and no obstacle will hold you back. If, however, your definition of success is merely adopted from the outside, your commitment will be only in your head, and you are bound to lose it the very moment your encounter resistance.
?if a man wants his dream to come true, he must wake up!?
Success depends on your ability to pursue a single goal. This means putting many other options on hold.
Unless you apply your energies in a skillful and methodical way, you?re stuck with a bunch of daydreams
A man with a toothache cannot be in love