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Can U read it?

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Bisnis Alat Kesehatan adalah salah satu bisnis yang sangat menggiurkan pada masa sekarang ini. Pembangunan dan pengembangan daerah melaju dengan sangat cepat. Satu hal yang tidak lepas dari dua hal ini adalah Perkembangan Alat Kesehatan, Kabupaten baru, berarti rumah sakit baru. Dan dana pemerintah untuk penyuplai-an alat kesehatan ini dapat dikatakan tidak tak terbatas.

Keuntungan yang sangat mengiurkan dalam bidang ini, menyebabkan menjamurnya perusahaan-perusahaan di bidang ini.

Salah satu syarat untuk mengikuti tenderi alat kesehatan ini adalah terdaftarnya perusahaan di Depkes untuk Penyaluran Alat Kesehatan / PAK .

Adapun Persyaratan Pembuatan nya antara lain:
1. Melampirkan Surat Penunjukan dari pabrikan sebagai penyalur/ Distributor
2. Melampirkan Surat Ijin tempat Usaha
3. Melampirkan SIUP
4. Melampirkan NPWP
5. Melampirkan Surat Ijin Gangguan dari Kecamatan / Ramah Lingkungan
6. Melampirkan Surat Permohonan dari Pemohon
7. Melampirkan Daftar Barang yang Disalurkan / Diageni

Demikian Semoga Bermanfaat.

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Hospital in Kingdom Saudi Arabia

Health: Introduction
Of all the benefits that have accrued to the citizens of the Kingdom, none is greater than the provision of free healthcare of the highest standard, a provision extended to all those who visit the Kingdom in pilgrimage.
The decision to embark on plan of inclusive healthcare provision was taken by King Faisal who initiated a massive hospital building programs.
The following statistics, collated for 2001, illustrate the progress made in healthcare provision in the Kingdom:
Healthcare Provision Statistics, 2001
Provision Number
Hospitals 324
Beds 46,622
Doctors 31,983
Nurses 67,421
Assitant Health Personnel 38,519

In 2000/2001, there were 324 hospitals in the Kingdom, and the total provision of 46,622 beds.
• King Faisal Specialist Hospital
• King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital
• King Fahd Medical Center
• King Abdul Aziz General Hospital
King Faisal Specialist Hospital
King Faisal gave particular emphasis to the development of comprehensive healthcare for the citizens of the Kingdom. The King Faisal Specialist Hospital, outside Riyadh, which provides a range of specialist medical services, is both a testimony and a memorial to the late King's commitment to healthcare for his people.
KFSH & RC is an 800-bed multi-facility, multi-entity tertiary care hospital and one of the leading healthcare institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its mission is to provide medical services of highly specialized nature and promote medical research and education programs, including postgraduate education training, as well as contribute to the prevention of disease

King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital
The King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital was opened in 1982. With accommodation for some 260 in-patients, the Hospital has established an enviable reputation in the region as a leader in the treatment of eye conditions.
The hospital maintains a full range of specialist departments including optometry, radiology and ultrasonography which are fully exploited for research as well as treatment of patients.
The Hospital
King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital (KKESH) is a tertiary care ophthalmic facility operated by the Ministry of Health (MOH) of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The hospital provides quality tertiary ophthalmic care to the patients it serves and promotes the delivery of Kingdom-wide ophthalmic care through its outreach, educational, and research programs.
For more than two decades, KKESH has been recognized for excellence in its delivery of ophthalmic patient care, for its strong educational programs (including continuing medical education seminars and symposia, and training of ophthalmology residents and subspecialty fellows and other allied healthcare personnel), and its highly successful research programs. These achievements have been made possible by the grace of Allah, the Almighty, and through the generous ongoing support of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud.
King Fahd Medical Center
This 342-bed hospital provides general hospital services for the industrial city of Yanbu and the surrounding region. It has a burns unit and maintains specialist departments for ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat), ophthalmic surgery and renal dialysis.

King Abdul Aziz General Hospital
Located in Jeddah and completed in 1988, the King Abdul Aziz General Hospital, provides a 440-bed medical facility.

Health: Medical Training
To meet the requirements for the Kingdom's healthcare, it was necessary to complement the hospital building program with an equally ambitious medical training program.
Medical training institutes were established at Abha and in the Holy City of Madinah. Training centers were set up in the King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah and in the King Faisal University and a 760-bed teaching hospital was located in the King Saud University campus outside Riyadh.
The Kingdom's healthcare provision has been so successful that it is cited by the World Health Organization as a model for the developing world
Primary Healthcare
In any national health service, the provision of comprehensive and efficient primary healthcare is of crucial importance. By 1988, there were more than 2,000 primary healthcare centers serving the community at local and regional level. By 1989, that figure had risen above 3,000. By 1995, the figure stood at 3,300. By 1999, the figure stood at 3,506.

teeth bleaching

Self-confidence can be seen from the way people smiling. Teeth are one of the most important aspects in this matter. Therefore lots of people are lining to get their teeth brighter than before.
Visiting the dentist is one of the most frequent activities performed as an effort to obtain this clearer smile. We can gain a proper treatment for our teeth based on the physical check up, here in the dentist.
Referred to several different factors that generate unhealthy teeth; we also divide different solution methods to cope those problems.
The most popular method these days consists of two techniques such as internal bleaching and external bleaching.
Internal bleaching technique is the treatment performed by dentists after knowing the factors that caused his patient's teeth to change color. Usually it stains caused by too much to drink tea or coffee, or stains caused by smoking.
While external bleaching techniques are treatments that can be done by the patient himself or home teeth whitening i.e., tooth whitening techniques that can be done at home, such as by mixing with acid-forming powder paste.
In addition, one of the traditional ways that you can do to make your teeth become whiter is by using the acid contained in strawberry fruit combined with baking soda, The trick is to mix these two ingredients with the flat, then apply to the entire surface of the teeth, wait a minute and then cleared. And with regular use, guaranteed, your confidence will increase with the return of your clearer teeth.

Word of the day

mugwump: a person who is unable to make up his or her mind on an issue

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a chat with a girl

A conversation in a Ramadan Month with one of my costumer form Algeria.. She is a very nice, handful, and smart woman.. even tough I haven't meet her directly, I can tell that she is a perfect person.. I hope this chat, can bring us to Algerian mood, a preparation in case we have to go to that African Country..

Thanks to Fouzia, you are one of my best friend ever... well here are the chit chat...

Halitim Fouzia: hey

Erick Firmansyah: halo

Halitim Fouzia: good morning

Erick Firmansyah: good afternoon!

Halitim Fouzia: how are u?

Erick Firmansyah: fine, how bout you?

Halitim Fouzia: I'm fine too

Halitim Fouzia: so how is ramadhan there?

Erick Firmansyah: Fasting month, it must be different like the other month!

Erick Firmansyah: it s very interesting

Erick Firmansyah: hows there?

Halitim Fouzia: it is great here

Halitim Fouzia: the greatest thing is that I have the chance to go to the masdjid for tarawih

Halitim Fouzia: and u?

Erick Firmansyah: we have the same like yours.

Halitim Fouzia: great

Erick Firmansyah: Anyway, do you have special food on ramadhan? for breakfast?

Halitim Fouzia: yes we have

Erick Firmansyah: what is that?

Halitim Fouzia: there is a plate which must be prepared in all the algerian houses

Halitim Fouzia: it is Chorba

Halitim Fouzia: it means soup

Halitim Fouzia: and there is an other food

Halitim Fouzia: it is named Bourak

Halitim Fouzia: it is prepared with any kind of cheese

Halitim Fouzia: or eggs

Erick Firmansyah: yummy!

Erick Firmansyah: Tell me more about Bourak, cheese, sound delicious!

Halitim Fouzia: or olives

Halitim Fouzia: green olives of course

Halitim Fouzia: you can add also any kind of meat

Halitim Fouzia: just little quantities

Halitim Fouzia: you put all these ingredients in a very thin paper made secially for this food

Halitim Fouzia: and finally you fry them in some oil

Erick Firmansyah: hmmm, it makes me want to have it now!

Halitim Fouzia:

Erick Firmansyah: I must be patient two hours left to reach magrib

Halitim Fouzia: be informed that I am a GOOD COOCKER

Halitim Fouzia:

Erick Firmansyah: Wow, Interesting....

Erick Firmansyah:

Halitim Fouzia: here it is the beggining of the day

Halitim Fouzia: it is only 9.32

Erick Firmansyah: Long journey...

Halitim Fouzia: not very long

Halitim Fouzia: el maghrib is at 18.47

Halitim Fouzia: what about the maghrib in your country

Erick Firmansyah: magrib, today at 17.52

Halitim Fouzia: you are so lucky

Erick Firmansyah: why?

Halitim Fouzia: we fast an hour more than you

Erick Firmansyah: oh, I C

Erick Firmansyah: btw, what do you have for breakfast?

Halitim Fouzia: you mean for SAHOUR?

Erick Firmansyah: yup

Erick Firmansyah: we call it SAHUR!

Halitim Fouzia: yes it is the same thing

Halitim Fouzia: personnaly I do not eat any thing

Halitim Fouzia: I get up only for el fadjr pray

Erick Firmansyah: Do you mean Shubuh?

Halitim Fouzia: yes

Halitim Fouzia: right

Erick Firmansyah: Why dont eat anything?

Erick Firmansyah: is it common to eat anything on Sahur at Algeria?

Halitim Fouzia: because I do not like to eat in the night

Halitim Fouzia: in addiion to that, I want to keep a beatiful waist

Erick Firmansyah: Women!

Erick Firmansyah:

Halitim Fouzia: in algeria, most people have to prepare MESSFOUF

Erick Firmansyah: Messfouf, what s that?

Halitim Fouzia: it is a very thin COUSCOUS

Erick Firmansyah: COUSCOUS?

Halitim Fouzia: we put inside special dry fruits called Zbib

Erick Firmansyah: sweet food?

Halitim Fouzia: finally we add suggar and we have it with skim milk

Halitim Fouzia: very delicious

Halitim Fouzia: you have to try it

Halitim Fouzia: yesterday I have preapared my special rice salad

Erick Firmansyah: You must be like cooking very much?

Halitim Fouzia: yes I do

Erick Firmansyah: No wonder you re an excellent cook!

Halitim Fouzia: not excellent

Erick Firmansyah: very excellent?

Halitim Fouzia: but I can take care of my FUTURE HASBAND

Halitim Fouzia: blushing

Halitim Fouzia: big grin

Erick Firmansyah: lovestruck

Erick Firmansyah: Yup, it is a must, good wife = good cook

Halitim Fouzia: mothers in algeria say that the way to the heart of a man is his stomatch

Halitim Fouzia: is it similar in indonesia

Erick Firmansyah: Smart!

Erick Firmansyah: Btw, Fouzia, here in Indonesia, Idul Fitri is greater (means more food to eat and more new clothes to wear etc.) than Idul Adha. Hows there?

Halitim Fouzia: r u there?

Erick Firmansyah: yup

Erick Firmansyah: I'm still here

Erick Firmansyah: I'm leaving now Fouzia, my working hour is over, gotta go!

Erick Firmansyah: Thanks for the conversation

Halitim Fouzia: ok, nice talking with you.. take care dear...

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