Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

Be My Bike

It takes - two and half hours, a hundred and ten kilo meters, passes more than twenty sub-districts from Lenteng Agung till Cilaku, -  from Jakarta to my lovely hometown, Cianjur.
Exhausted? for sure, no one can deny! But, an euphoria, stung my heart, kick my butt, and help my mind to excrete adrenaline to order the sensory nerve to pull my bike deeper to move faster than anyone else, even Casey Stoner!
Blue, Black and red coloring my mind as I leave one place heading to another. No pink nor love, still arguing, I don't need it for now, keep telling my heart to focus on the journey, abandoned those feelings, I have to arrive in Cianjur in one piece.. God save the queen, you'll never walk alone echoing my ear.. banzai..
I love the way you talk, your voice marvelous.  As I ask you to increase the velocity, I touch your hand smoother, then you sing as a bird, I can't stand, keep holding on, one, two,three till eleven Casey Stoners were being "Ciao-ed" asta la vista!
It needs moments to have this feeling, it takes some periods to drag my heart to yours. several touring, few collides bring us closer. I realize you need it, of course you may, as I do too.
Arriving in Cianjur, the land of dreams! seem that you need a rest, but you need a shower first, take a bath and good bye I'm sleepy I'd better go sleeping now! . See  you tomorrow.

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